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Our Approach

At HealthMax we combine modern medicine with old-fashioned bedside manner. Through our ongoing and continuous relationship, we can help you with acute problems, preventive services and chronic illness.  We take care of problems ranging from asthma/allergy, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, gout, problems of the esophagus/stomach/intestines/gall bladder, pain in the back/muscle, minor injuries, rashes.  We also see many patients for their PAP tests, birth control, menopause, natural hormones and osteoporosis.   We help you address issues of getting older and end of life care.  We want to help you stay as healthy as you can, for as long as you can.  We make the integration of your care possible. 

When you need to find the right specialist, we communicate with him/her and coordinate recommendations so that there is one medical person, your doctor, who understands all the tests and treatments you receive.  You are not left to scramble through the system and many complicated tests alone.  We also offer support and referrals for psychological issues and problems of living with chronic illness. 

In our clinic, you are never treated as just a set of symptoms or complaints.  We think our relationship with you and you with us is the most important part of medical care.  We practice Narrative Medicine.

Some of key ways in which HealthMax is different:

  • 30 to 60 minute office ‘visits’
  • New Patient appointments are 75 minutes
  • Same day appointments
  • Minimal office waiting time
  • Attention to your story: what is important to you, and not just your doctor
  • Small, intimate office where we get to know you well
  • Encouragement of active, healthy lifestyle over drug treatment
  • Openness to alternative medical therapies
  • Active follow up:  You get copies of your lab reports, not just a note telling you all is "normal"
  • After-hrs coverage: You will talk with your doctor, not a doctor you have never met
  • Writing workshops for pts with chronic disease (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis)
  • Meet & Greet:  Visit with your doctor before you decide to become a patient, no charge

“The way you handled my mother was masterful.  She really trusts you and that is very important to me.”

— Margie Abbott


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